What i actually expect in the public version of iOS 7

There are so many changes I'd like to see in the public version of the brand new iOS 7 for all iDevices. I have highlighted three of the most pressing ones for me. The lads showing their presences here can add more to if if they have. I'll start by mentioning them. They are as follows:
- The keyboard (language) - General Search (iOS spotlight search) - and finally, Siri in Portuguese (especially Brazilian Portuguese).
The Keyboard Since the advent of the iPhone, the keyboard had remained virtually the same. It's a lovely keyboard to type on and i love it. However, it does not have the support for people who type in different languages on their phones. With its support for multiple languages, it's lacking something very crucial; It does not remember if an app is using the keyboard in one language and another app in another language. You have to keep changing the keyboard all the time and this make the auto-correct feature annoying. I love this feature because it helps me a lot.
What do i want to be done here? If in different app, take for instance the message app and whatsapp, I'm talking to two or more people, for example, my family members in another country (on whatsapp) in English and i'm attending to someone here in Brazil (using the messages app) in Portuguese. Each time i get a message from each app, i have to switch the keyboard's language every now and then. Sometimes, it gets annoying and i feel it's such a simple thing that Apple should do, but it's not there. This support can help me a lot. I'm sure it can be implemented even in the same app so that iOS can remember up to at least 5 people i'm talking to in different languages so that as soon as i open the app and the message, i don't have to worry, i just type because iOS already knows or remembers that with that person, I typed a message in Portuguese, or French or English. These are the keyboards i have on my iOS devices. I hope to see this in the next innovation called iOS 7.
General Search on iOS (Spotlight search as it is on the MacOSX) This is another feature I'd really like to see on the iPhone. If i can search for anything on my Macbook pro and find it and along with that, i can search for the meaning of a word quickly without opening the dictionary app, i think i should be able to do the same on the iPhone through the search app. I want to be able to type a word, just like i do on my macbook, and find it's meaning from the search app. With the new design on the lovely iOS 7, i think you lads may want to consider doing this too.
Finally, Siri in Portuguese. People have been asking me saying; "I see you talk to your phone, ask it to do something and it does without problems, but only in English, when will we get it in Portuguese?" And I'm like (jokingly), "Well, I don't work at Apple and i can't say when they will let Siri support Portuguese". What i will say is that, the people i attend to want to make use of Siri and enjoy it just the way i do. They want to send messages (in Portuguese) and do all the amazing stuff i do and also those that are possible with Siri. Please, when will this happen? I want to be able to tell them to look out for a time not the actual ETA, but something i can say to them.