Why is Xbox 360 better?

So I always read people saying the 360 offers a better online experience and low latency for gaming. My question is how, most games these days use match making if I am not mistaken so the latency should be all about the person your connecting to and PS3/360 should matter now should it.

I am mostly asking this cause I have a PS3 and the gaming experience is just fine online, never really had any latency issues outside of Tekken at launch which is a few years ago. I played a few games at my friends house this weekend (he owns a 360), things like Fifa, CoD and the experience was the same, I didn't notice it being any faster or slower.

I'm just confused what could possible be difference in terms of latency, I'm not here to ask about any other feature that is better on any platform, I just want to find out if I am missing something.