UK LTE Network Price Comparison

I have created this as an example of the difference in price between the 4 main networks. I know not everyone wants a SIM only deal, and some want a 30 day rolling SIM only deal. However, this is a pretty good representation of all price plans from the 4 networks. And yes, 3 doesn't have LTE yet, but read the small print.


I don't know what you people think, but for me 3 is the clear winner. Some people might need all of those minutes and texts offered by the others, but I really don't. I care about data, fast data, ultrafast data, and that's what 3 give to me.

I'd like to know what other people from the UK think about the competition, and what network (If any) will you go with for 4G services?


I have created a new chart showing the breakdown of all the 12 month SIM only 4G LTE plans.*


(Larger image)

*Prices for 3 are existing 3G price plans, 3 announced these would not change, at least not for existing customers, when they launch their LTE network later in the year.