The Nexus/Stock Android Poll..What Would You Buy?

Hey folks so it seems with the Moto X event over and rumors now pointing to the September Samsung and Apple announcements, the Blog machine has gone into Apple iPhone Watch, with some it will be the last major phone announcement.

Wait What?

Ummm those of us in the Android Army know the phone season is not over until the Nexus has spoken, as it is usually the very last major phone announcement of the year. So regardless that is not the point of this post. Many of us here are Galaxy Nexus users and are ripe for a new phone. So just curious what would you buy.

I have created a Straw Poll here the cost estimates are just based off of rumors I have seen here and there. So nothing here is official, just curious of what people actually want or are willing to buy.

The Choices Are:

5" Nexus 5 based on LG G2 for 499

4.7" Nexus 4 based on Moto X for 399

A Google Play Edition HTC One for 549

A Google Play Edition GS4 for 599

Put Your Votes in the Straw Poll