Anyone else surprised Google didn't jump in with a game console this generation?

That isn't to say that I'm disappointed. Just...well, surprised. Google likes to disrupt major markets in computing and in services; Android, Google+, ChromeOS. Why not "flagship,"or "hardcore," if you prefer, game consoles, with triple-A games?

I understand despite the flood of rumors and hopes over the years why Apple hasn't bothered; being a company that is best at profiting from hardware in a market where hardware is not the sole or even primary profit center would be a very uncomfortable position for them. But Google thrives in such markets. And, given that Sony has moved more in MS's direction re: charging for connectivity and locking down the systems rather than the other way around, one would think such a condition would create a rather large opening for a company with an ad-centered business model to come in and try their hand.

The best I can think of is a sense of cautiousness about committing long-term to producing a single piece of hardware. Any other thoughts?

And yes, I am aware of the Ouya's existence, and of the existence of Android games, a few of which might even qualify for 'triple-A' status. But come on. We know that isn't comparing apples to apples. Despite the onslaught of Android and iOS's success and the success of their games sales, Xbox and PS3 remained profitable and successful, as did many of the publishers and game developers that targeted those platforms. A market exists that Google has left relatively alone. Why?