Have a Nexus 4, getting an HTC One shortly, but should I wait?

I'm signing onto a new corporate plan so I'm getting an HTC One for $150. It's a fantastic phone, but I don't like Sense, and the camera on it seems pretty sub-par. I was wondering what people's thoughts were on flipping it (I could probably get like $500-520 for it given that it'll be locked to Rogers), continuing to use my Nexus 4 and waiting for the next Nexus device, or whatever is on the horizon from a niche brand like Oppo?

I love the HTC One, but the camera on it is really holding me back. If I can sell the HTC One for about $500 and my Nexus 4 for $200-ish later on, I'll have around $700 to play with for a new handset.

Should I wait? Or is the new Nexus phone likely not to impress me as much as the One?