from iOS to Android

Hi everyone. Been using the iphone since 3, now with 4S. I've regularly jailbroken to do so many of the things I need for work and personal use. So here's my big question to the much smarter masses: what should I *really* expect if I switch to android? My plan A is to get a Galaxy 4 or maybe the new Note that's set to arrive next month. I couldn't tolerate the glitchiness and lagging when I tried the first android phones a few years ago, but the Galaxy 4 seems great.

Are androids, especially the Galaxy and Note as fast and smooth after months+ of regular use and adding new apps?

Another concern I've had is being able to quickly access data --gmail calendar, tasks, email-- when I occasionally have zero reception. The reception is an unavoidable problem because of the places I work, not because of Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint... I remember android would limit me to ~month of calendar data and I'd have to continuously refresh. I need to be able to view months and years of data immediately, same goes with finding emails from months or years prior, regardless of whether my 4G access momentarily drops off.

My iphones, at least after jailbreaking, have often dropped *all* emails and reloaded thousands at a time for each of my accounts, even with the more recent settings expansion of allowing 1,000 recent messages. I always have plenty of memory to spare, but it might be an apple issue.

Btw, my plan B is to stick with the 4S until another phone is released that meets my wish list: consistently fast, smooth and intuitive OS that allows for tons of tweaking, great display, plenty of memory that allows for expansion (otherwise I might've considered the HTC One), good photo/video recording and great battery life. The above data stuff is still very important.

Thank you for taking the time to help me figure this out. I'm not about bashing apple or blindly running to android. I just want to get a new phone that makes the most sense for the things I need. Thank you again.