Post your Battlestations!!!

Post a pic and description of your setup!

Here's mine:


The picture is a bit old and I've moved a few desks in since then but everything is pretty much the same.

The big computer is a Windows 8.1 - C2Q, 1 TB HDD, 6 GB RAM, GTX 465 - mostly for gaming, music, videos and displaying reference material while I work. It has no physical mouse/keyboard right now and is connected to the Left (1920x1080) and center (1440x900) displays.

The ThinkPad X220 was my laptop for about 2 years but now it's just a DMZ hosted linux server - i5 2520, 500 GB HDD, 8 GB RAM - for me it's mostly a SSH server I can offload things to but I also have it set up as a SSH/FTP/VPN for a few of my friends/relatives in China (and their friends). When it's on it usually just shows a few IRC chartrooms.

The Chromebook Pixel is my main machine. It runs xubuntu through crouton – a simple to use chroot tool – and I can say it’s hands down the best laptop I’ve owned mostly due to the high res display and generally immaculate build quality/design. The biggest limitation so far has been the memory; 4GB can feel sluggish during heavy loads - ADT + Emulator + Chrome + some other stuff running I’m frequently using about 7 GB of memory with zRam (compcache) enabled.