Microsoft's Not Fixing Their App Problem Correctly

We know WP8 has a big app problem and we know Microsoft is trying to fix it by creating apps themselves for Youtube, Instagram, Vine, and etc. That's the wrong solution.

While I'm sure corporate rivalry plays a part in the case of Youtube, the real reason why none of these companies and services want Microsoft to create apps for them is simply because it's bad business.

These services are constantly updating and constantly making changes. Allowing a 3rd Party to control part of those experiences is very risky and time wasting and sets stage for problems, especially in the realm of profitability. It's the same reason why Twitter clamped down on 3rd party apps for all platforms. Lets not forget that most of these services aren't exactly super profitable.

So what's the right solution?

Instead of putting energy into begging these companies to support their nascent platform, Microsoft should instead put that energy into developing new features or services. They need a Siri or Google Now, something that's makes consumers want to join in spite of the app situation. Having colorful hardware or a different design language isn't good enough.

Just like in the console wars, they need exclusives. They aren't begging Sony to put God of War on the XBOX, are they? They shouldn't have to beg Google either and you know what, it's not Google's responsibility to be nice to them. Apple is a bigger rival and Google is supporting them 100%

It maybe hard, but so what? Honestly, this is all they should be focusing on. If Microsoft can't be creative and imaginative, then they shouldn't be in this business.