Attempting to Increase Student Motivation and Engagement by Turning Classroom Grades into a Video Game

Hey All!

I would love to get some feedback on a project I'm working on from the Verge community. I'm designing a new grade tracking software to engage and motivate students in the classroom by integrating RPG elements from video games into the grading system. Here's some more info on it:

ClassXP is a new way of displaying classroom grades for students that mirrors popular video games. The goal of ClassXP is to promote and increase the engagement and motivation of students in the classroom. This will be accomplished by taking elements from video games and applying it to how we approach grades in the classroom. Students will create their own avatar, and earn experience points (XP) as they progress through the school year. XP works in the same way normal grades would work in that it is earned by completing assignments and projects and doing well on quizzes and tests. The better students perform on these tasks, the more XP they earn, just as they would earn a higher grade in the standard grading system. This system encourages students to produce their best quality work. XP will be tied to traditional grades, and students will "level up" when they achieve the next highest grade. There will also be ways for teachers to create and give out achievements and badges for various accomplishments, such as having a perfect homework completion rate, or acing multiple tests in a row.

I'm doing a Kickstarter to raise some funds. The Kickstarter is looking to speed up development of the advanced features of ClassXP, which include:
· Development of mobile and tablet apps for easier accessibility for students and teachers
· Parent log ins to check on their student’s progress
· Class vs. Class and Group vs. Group competition system
· Multiple ways of displaying data
· Fully customizable interface

Backers of the project will be the first to have early access to the beta software to use in their classrooms. The Kickstarter project can be found at

Any thoughts/ideas on the project or ways to succeed at Kickstarter would be much appreciated! Thanks!