Microsoft & Google - Communication at best

MS: look at our shiny new Youtube app!

G: We don't like it. It allows downloads and has no age restrictions, and no ads. Also, it looks nicer than our other apps.

MS: fine. We'll redesign.

G: :)

Users: >:(

MS: Look! We've made it support age restrictions, added ads, and removed downloads!

G: No, we want a web app.

MS: everyone hates web apps! FU, we're releasing this since it's better.

G: Fine, we'll just block it.

Users: >>:(

-----------------To continue it in the future:-----------------

MS: Ok, we've redone it in HTML5.

G: Blocked. We've changed our policy, and it needs to be done in Dart and rendered by Blink.

MS: Actually, we anticipated that, and we have a Dart & Blink version ready.

G: Still blocked. We've decided that everyone on your youtube dev team should have mustache and wear a funny hat each weekday.