Rumor: Nexus 4 (2013) is not an upgrade over Nexus 4 (2012)

Google is going from one of the most hyped phones ever (Motorola X) to one of the least (or it will be when people start realizing what is being talked about).

I've seen a bunch of rumors recently that the new Nexus 4 (or whatever they want to call it) will come with a Snapdragon 600 SoC and not the 800 that LG is putting into the G2. The S600 is a rebranding of the Snapdragon S4 Pro, the same one in the Nexus 4 (2012). The same 2GB of RAM, as well.

The rumored 1080p screen sounds nice, but some will be turned off by the 5.2 inch frame instead of the 4.7 inch one.

Then you have the camera, which is allegedly a 10 MP variant and not the 13 MP one in the G2 - which could mean a lot of things, including a lack of OIS. It's an entirely different sensor at that point. It could be a crap off the shelf one, even.

There is no rumor regarding LTE, but the preference for the S600 over the S800 (which has better support for other technologies) would lead me to believe that LTE will only possibly be available (if at all) for TMobile and AT&T in the US. Verizon could be supported with an 800, but not with a 600 without a discrete chip or second model to cover their legacy CDMA network.

I don't even expect much battery life saving, in spite of potentially a better battery. The S800 actually has features that allow it to save battery over the S600.

But it will be 300-350 USD(in the play store... for countries that can get it... otherwise it'll be the usually marked up price).

This would seriously be a huge disappointment.