The Missing Tablet Apps for Android/iOS challenge!

Inspired by a couple of threads on Android Army and Apple Core, I decided to put the conventional wisdom of "Android sucks on tablets" (a view I kind of share myself) to the test.

For this to work, we need to lay down some basic rules:

1. Post the platform the application you're going to mention runs on.

2. Follow that by posting the app name.

So, a post would be: "iOS, Paper". Another one would be "Android, Tasker".

Now, when an app is mentioned that is exclusive on one of the two platforms, members of the forum should try to find quality alternatives to that app on the other platform. Since quality is such a subjective...erm.. quality anyway, members should then recommend the apps that are mentioned as alternatives if they think they are up to snuff. Do not recommend if you think that the app is inadequate in comparison to the originally-mentioned app. Also, don't hesitate to have a conversation below.

*Apps that require root or jailbreak will not be accepted in this challenge* . We are going to be talking about apps that run on stock firmware.

*DO NOT FLAME/TROLL/STINK UP THE COMMENTS* - keep it civil, please.

This will also be a great opportunity for people on both platforms to discover apps they didn't know of.

Let the experiment begin!

I'll start: