In dire need of a better tripod.... and possibly a new shoulder mount rig.

So I've had a cheap SLIK tripod I've relied on for years now. It's done well with still photography, but now that I'm working with video, I need a higher quality tripod to get the best pans & tilts that I can without breaking the bank. Sturdiness is a must, but it also has to be reasonably mobile.

I would also like to start incorporating a DSLR shoulder mount into my setup as well.

Though I do this for work, I do have to pay for these out of my pocket. Since I'm not exactly making a couple thousand per project, I'd like to start off with affordable, yet reliable alternatives. Ideally, I'd like to keep the cost for both below $150 at most. If I could keep it under $70-80 for just the tripod or just the shoulder mount, that's good too. so, for now:

  • a sturdy tripod that wont shake the shot every time I touch it
  • a fluid pan/tilt head
  • (optional) a great DSLR (Canon 7D) shoulder mount rig

is all I need. would anyone have any suggestions and links?