I even made Google my homepage in Internet Explorer

There was a time when really everyone loved Google. I even made Google my homepage in Internet Explorer 6, which was the best browser at that time.

Google was clearly a reason - among many others - why we loved our Windows PC, with Windows 95 or so. It was part of a big free new world called the internet and stocks were really really up!

But somehow that broad trust and sympathy encouraged Google to cheat on Windows, thinking they'd do everyone a favor trashing Microsoft one way or the other. Which in the beginning was OK because it could not be bad if their big fat ass was kicked to get them to improve their products and manners.

But then Google started to overshoot and started their war like their management was on cocaine. And helpful became harmful. They started to damage open source, W3C, FRAND, copyright, and the consumer.

I like Windows, I like some Google products but I really hate how I am forced to take sides here, my time being collateral damage in a fight they, Google, clearly started. And I can't call them and complain, you know, I need Google+ to reach them if I don't want to sue.

It legit they compete with Microsoft but their behaviour is just not up to business standards and totally unacceptable. If everyone behaved like them...good night! ;-)