Google's strategy: Kick Microsoft's ecosystem to death in its infancy.

I believe there is no evil and good when it comes to companies, provided they are not breaking laws in an obvious manner.

What Google is doing now is not some payback for Scroogled campaigns, although that contributed too. It's a strategic and rational move that any company in Google's position would make. Google ultimately wants to make Microsoft's consumer facing mobile efforts unfeasible and if that's not possible, handicap it and hold it back as long as possible until the DOJ sticks its nose in.

Google will be all fine and dandy with the DOJ in respect to not being found a monopoly in mobile as long as there's Apple to compete with and other smaller players like BlackBerry etc. It absolutely does not need and want to see Microsoft become competitive in the mobile space and consumer facing services. Microsoft, unlike other Google competitors has a full service stack, including search, productivity tools, entertainment, cloud/business services, E-mail and so forth and unlike Apple they are also positioned at all consumers/markets and do not require the consumer to purchase a premium device to have access to its services. Hence Microsoft is threat #1 for Google and likewise Google is threat #1 for both Microsoft and Apple, but Apple is not much of a threat for Google due its closed ecosystem model, high price of entry and complete absence of any omni-market/ecosystem facing services such as search, E-mail, voice, cloud storage, enterprise and entertainment services, so Apple is not really a worry for Google, just a premium device/experience manufacturer/vendor that it will run over eventually as it controls the most used services.

Google has thus far done everything it can to stifle Microsoft's mobile consumer facing efforts, be it depriving Windows Phone of native platform apps that can use the API's of its most popular services or pulling the consumer back to the 'open' and non mobile friendly desktop in Windows 8 by refusing to make any applications that run in Microsoft's new and closed, store centred, mobile optimised environment/runtime. They bait the consumer with their services, add shortcuts to metro menu, suggest user move the icon to the leftmost/starting portion of the start screen and of course be taken back into the non mobile friendly desktop then, crapping on the users mobile experience and satisfaction with Windows on touch-screen centred devices.

Enter Apple and Microsoft alliance.


At this point I am afraid neither Microsoft nor Apple can alone hinder Google's otherwise inevitable and complete domination in mobile and consumer facing services, eventually other sectors will follow suit. Apple understands perfectly well that Google is taking larger and larger bites out of its marketshare and will eventually leave just enough for the DOJ not to step in. Perhaps Apple would be content with that, just stay a premium device manufacturer and earn its several billion a year etc. But I believe they are too big and powerful at the moment to allow themselves to be at the whims of Google and the quality of services/API's it would allow Apple to tap into as opposed to its own platform. Which is why we are already seeing the starting stages of Apple trying to find other service providers and or create substitutes themselves. Already we have Bing as the default web-search for Siri and Google maps getting the boot as the default that ships with iOS. For consumer services competition sake I would like to see the alliance grow and hope that Bing will replace Google as the default search in safari on iOS and OSX, perhaps this will finally create a viable competitor to Google search. Lastly Youtube is like the de facto internet video streaming platform, nothing and I mean nothing consumer facing can take off without having optimal access to it, Google is abusing this now and again I believe the only way to go is to create a counterbalance, I would like to see a media/video search portal whose data pool is shared between Apple, Microsoft and Facebook to quickly put up a viable alternative and competitor to Youtube. If Google continues to grow and dominate services and OS marketshare respectively at the current rate I believe we may in fact see such service alliance form.