A Nifty Trick for Dots for iOS

If you already know this feature, you may skip this post and head somewhere else.

So, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that there are two game modes: Timed Mode (60 seconds) and Moves Mode (30 moves). This is clearly stated when you select the modes. There are also 3 assists at the bottom: One for adding 5secs/5 moves (once in each game), the second for clearing one dot at a time (you can double click the dot as well), and the third for clearing all the dots of a specified colour (once in each game).

But there's one trick that may not be obvious for everyone: It's squares (or more specifically, closed loops). The 'Form squares' objectives in the trophies section in the latest version only made me realise this feature exists. I don't remember this feature being explicitly shown in the tutorial, though.

I don't think all players know about this feature, and I feel stupid not knowing it earlier. Ever since I used it my Timed highscore jumped from 284 progressively to 494 (now 515). My Moves highscore is currently 402.

A tip: in Timed Mode, try to aim for just making squares. The more squares you make, the cleaner the grid becomes and you can more easily create squares. You'll end up with a pretty good square-making streak and your score will skyrocket.

What are your highscores for each mode?