A tech geeks guide for what to carry in a zombie apocalypse

there are rumours of zombie apocalypse. So i made a list of what i would carry when it happens

A heavy VCR :to smash zombies in the head

A kensington lock: to strangle zombies or to whip them

Gerber 31-000758 Gator Machete:to kill zombies

Gerber Gator Axe II Saw:to cut wood and zombies

Gerber 31-000705 Gator Machete Pro:to hook zombies and cut their throat from the back

Gerber 31-002072 compact parang :to cut wood

A camera to record all whats happening

my mac to edit and post on youtube

my ipod to listen to music while killing a zombie

A 4g data card to post

a flash light

an iphone


a pocket knife

a swiss nife

a blade sharpener

this is my list comment your list