Need Help with "1 Year Battery Stats" GitHub project

There is this post about someone logging their MacBook Air's battery for one year (verge post link: and the project is located here:

I believe the purpose of this program is to log your battery stats the moment you make it work (if not, please correct me)

The only problem is, I have no idea how to use GitHub, but given simple enough instructions I will probably understand how to use it.

What I think I know so far (the steps):

  1. Download ZIP file of project
  2. Place shell script into some place e.g. Documents
  3. Run Terminal, then type crontab -e and hit enter (the code says $ crontab -e but I don't think I need to type $ again since there is already the $)
  4. Type *****/pathtorepo/ for example *****/Users/username/Documents/

That's all I've got. What do I do next? What I see right now are rows of 'empty slots' I think which all have tildes (~) in them. Any help (in easy-to-understand words) would be great.