Let Common Sense Prevail - Google cares about their users!

The title is 100% sarcastic; Google doesn't give a damn about their users and I'm going to show you why! This little war between Microsoft and Google has absolutely nothing to do with satisfying users on Google's end, it's about sustaining profitability. I am absolutely fed up of the people who defend Google! The argument they use is, "Well, Microsoft is asking for private API's, this isn't Microsoft's house, it's Google's, and Google has every right to deny them! Microsoft is in the wrong!" As right as that may seem, and to some degree it is, it's also unreasonable and very unethical. How? As was stated, both parties acknowledge that making an HTML5 YT app is incredibly difficult and negates a satisfactory User Experience. So, Microsoft released the app natively & says they'd continue to work with Google to release a proper HTML5 app later on. That, to me, sounds reasonable!

They go on to say that the HTML5 app 1) Gives some complications with ads, and 2) Provides a less enjoyable experience. Google blocked the first app because ads were disabled, stating that their user revenue is important to them. After Microsoft enabled ads & removed the download button, they released the app again. Google asking them now, to do it in HTML5 ALSO impacts their user's ad revenue, as HTML5 causes problems with some ads, not so? David Howard said that Google also claims to want to give their users a good experience. How can they want a good experience for their users, but demand that the app be built in HTML5? How can they want ads implemented properly, but demand the app be built in HTML5? That doesn't make sense. Google are being hypocrites, and are downright lying, clearly!

The argument that Google's API is private & they have a right to not share it is true, but something's missing. Google demands that Microsoft implements ads in it properly, BUT, Microsoft needs access to certain API to do that, which Google are blocking. How is this not absurd to you? So, they block API that allows for proper advertisement placement, and want HTML5 coding, when HTML5 causes complications of ads as well, but they also demand that Microsoft implement decent ad services. See anything wrong with this? Does this sound reasonable to you? Does this sound logical? Does this sound sensible? Is this adding up? Does this make sense to you, at all? Microsoft is not the one being unreasonable here, Google is!

Google also said that everyone willing to use Youtube's service and API's must adhere to the same Terms & Conditions - Oh really? Then why haven't MetroTube gotten a Cease and Desist letter? What about MyTube? Is it that MetroTube and Mytube don't fall under the "Everyone" category? ...MetroTube & MyTube don't use YT's API's? Also, if my memory serves me right, aren't there a few YT apps on the PlayStore that block ads, or offer the ability to download videos? Clearly those apps aren't breaking the Terms & Conditions, or else Google would have put a stop to them, not so?

Look at all these silly reasons (some of them being very contradictory) they have for blocking/preventing Microsoft's YT app from development. First, it was "WP doesn't have enough users"...But, Playstation Vita, & WiiU do? Hell, even BlackBerry has a Youtube app, and their market share was neck-to-neck with WP at the time! Initially, Google said, they have "no plans to build out Windows apps," noting that it invests where its users are and that "they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8." ...Okay, that sounds cool, but if I remember correctly, the main purpose of a business is to do what? Make a profit, not so? Okay, Microsoft was investing their money and time (not Google's) to make and maintain a YT app, that Google will directly profit from, but they...turned it down? That doesn't seem logical to me, at all; it doesn't add up. If your concern was that Windows and Windows Phone doesn't have the users worth the investment, and Microsoft was willing to totally cover the investment, thereby eliminating that concern entirely...what was the problem? That couldn't be the problem, because if it was, Microsoft solved it...and you still didn't deliver. So, what was the real problem?

Stop making excuses for this BS! The only people who are getting screwed by Google are their customers; ME! We all got scroogled! Please, for the love of anything good and righteous, stop making excuses for this company! Google is acting out of fear; they do not want WP to become the next iOS! WP is growing, and with it, Bing. When Bing grows & Windows' ecosystem grows, guess whose ad revenue is going to take a serious hit? THIS is what its about; stifling, slowing and completely stopping Microsoft's momentum in the mobile space, for obvious reasons. They are trying to secure their future, and I don't blame them; business is business. But business isn't always ethical or fair to the users, anyone in business knows this. As a consumer, I'm not competing with Google, nor am I in business with them, I just use their services. Their attacks on their competitors, indirectly is an attack on me; I directly experience the fallout of it. Their attempts to secure their interests is affecting me, and millions of others negatively. Ethically, I cannot support what Google is doing.