People scamming the Apple 3rd party charger trade in program

I think it's pretty pathetic that some people are knowingly advocating scamming the charger trade in program Apple is offering. One person on MacRumors took a Samsung charger in to an Apple store and they wouldn't replace it. So he told people to buy something super cheap on eBay and then take to to Apple for a trade in. I'm sorry but I think that's pathetic. And why would someone think Apple would take in a legitimate 3rd party adapter? It's obvious this is for unauthorized stuff not something from Samsung or Belkin or whatever.

I personally think this whole thing is ridiculous but Apple must think it will give them good PR. And yes Apple chargers might be overpriced but people who just look at the cost of materials and think this should only cost $10 are clueless. Besides, if Apple charged $10 then some unauthorized knockoff would charge $5 (or less) and you'd still have idiots buying bad chargers to save a few bucks. Also there are legit 3rd party chargers that cost less than Apple's so it's not like people are forced to buy Apple's product.