Reactions to the iPhone 5S

Same design:

"Two years later, we have the verdict: Apple cannot innovate without Steve Jobs."

"Apple has made a tragic misstep, which will benefit competitors hugely. People are bored of the iPhone 5 design."

"It's very hard to see this selling well with the iPhone 5 at $100 on contract."

"Scuffgate continues!"

Convex home button:

"Is it worth changing the device's profile for a fingerprint gimmick?"

"You'd better hope your iPhone 5 case doesn't cover the home button, because Apple just broke compatibility."

"The new design seems harder on the thumbs. Steve Jobs picked concave for a reason."

"Is Apple admitting that Samsung has a superior home button by copying it?"

Available in gold:

"This ridiculous and gaudy design would never have made it past Steve Jobs."

"This is clearly an act of desperation to get people buying iPhones again."

"Apple has finally caught up to its competition, and now offers the iPhone in more than just black and white."


"iOS 7 is still very much half-baked, with loads of people on the internet making better designs than Apple. We much prefer this one."

"Many users on the internet have reported a loss of battery life after upgrading to iOS 7 - are you one of them?"

"Siri, which once promised the world, is still clearly in beta."

"And, remember, it's still using Apple Maps."