Unsubsidized Verizon HTC One

The HTC One is finally coming to Verizon. And I'll have the money to buy it unsubsidized a few days after it comes out. It would be $635ish (I'll have about $750); that's assuming its just the phone with taxes added on, I can just pop in my SIM with no activation fee, and there is no other bullshit fees (which I could still afford). I'm using a RAZR Maxx right now that's just painfully slow (as in 10+ seconds to Google Now being usable slow). I need a new phone like yesterday and I really want the One.

But I'm wondering if I should just buy unsubsidized ASAP or wait for it to be a bit cheaper used somewhere else like Swappa. I am also considering buying a Droid DNA to hold me over til the One Max, but I'd prefer to just buy a One now and be done buying expensive shit for awhile lol.

Also, opinions on Verizon Edge? I can afford it no problem but I don't know that I should do it that way either. It's just another option. I'd love to get some opinions from the Android Army about what I should do here. (No, I won't get a GS4, or any other phone with AMOLED; I'm done with AMOLED)