Issue with a Google Play Gift Card


I recently bought a Google Play Gift Card of 25€ in France (because I have no credit card, I'm 17 and I live in Belgium so there are no Play cards there).

But then, when I wanted to use it, I went to the Google Play website, to the specific part of the site. It asked for my password, then I selected "France" for the country, put "75001" for the postal code, which is a correct one, and nothing happened and there's no place to fill the code in but I can't go any further without putting it. Is it a bug on the site or did I do something wrong?

Thank you!

PS: I tried connecting to the site with and without Proxmate, nothing changed. I also tried to change the VPN on my phone then connect to the GPlay app to insert the code but it told me that I can't use it in my country.



Here's what happens : it asks for my code but there's no bar to type it.