Why Microsoft is in the wrong in this tiring YouTube debacle

I'll make this brief:

  • Microsoft is being held to the same standard as every other 3rd party dev. They have the same *public* methods for access YouTube content: https://developers.google.com/youtube/iframe_api_reference
  • The existence of other 3rd party YouTube apps that violate the ToS is not permission for Microsoft to do the same, especially since they are a huge organization who should "know better". Would people feel better if Google spent the time and money to find and banned all of those?
  • The HTML5 requirement for non-Android apps has been in place for a very long time. This *does not* mean the entire app must be written in HTML5 (but even if it did, Microsoft has already shown it's capable of creating fully fledged HTML5 apps for WP). What it does mean is that you can have a native app, but then play the contents in a web view within that native app. The reason they can't do this on WP? "Microsoft has not made the necessary browser upgrades". Microsoft THEMSELVES have also admitted that because of flaws in the design of WP it is not technically feasible at this time (using the the "video" tag in a native web video opens the video in the OS's video player)
  • Reverse engineering the *PRIVATE* YouTube APIs to get around this technical hurdle is not morally or legally correct. I am shocked that anyone could think that it is and am ashamed for all Microsoft fans who would support an action like this.