Will iPhone 5 users get shafted if Apple introduces the 5C and discontinues the 5?


If Apple introduces a 5C with the same specs as the 5 it would make little sense to keep the 5. That would mean Apple would cut off OS updates to perfectly powerful iPhone 5 hardware and leave it stranded on iOS 7. You could say 3GS got the update to iOS 6 but it was because 3GS was selling. iPhone 4 got iOS 7 because it was still selling. iPad 1 for example only got iOS 6 even though it could run OS 7 since it had the same internals as the 4.

So if Apple discontinues the 5 ,do you think all of us 5 owners will be stranded on OS 7 ? or even OS 8 ? After all 3GS got 3 updates and the 5's hardware is very very capable.