8.1 searching inside apps, how is it supposed to work now?

I just updated to 8.1 preview on my tablet and while the new universal search is an improvement in many ways, I can't help but feel that it's a step backward too, at least in the preview. Does anyone know if the app you're currently in is going to affect the search results at all in the final? Currently, when you're in an app, it just defaults to searching "everywhere" when you open the search charm. When you're in the Wikipedia app, you can press "everywhere" and choose that it should just search Wikipedia, but this doesn't work for the Store app or any other app that I tried. And when *not* in the Wikipedia app, it doesn't give me the option to select Wikipedia.

What I would really prefer is that when you're inside an app and you go to the search charm AND the app implements the search charm API, the "everywhere" becomes the name of the app + the icon and it defaults to search within just the app. If you do what universal search, you can just select it but I believe the sane default here is searching the app itself when you engage search from within an app. It should make it obvious to the user that that is what it's doing (hence why it should display the icon too for quick visual recognition) but to me that's definitely what should happen.

When I looked at how it should behave, I came across this piece:


Has that happened yet? I installed all available 8.1 updates (I'm on build 9431) but search doesn't seem to behave that way for me yet.

Some have said that Windows 8.1 took a lesson from Windows Phone as to how search behaves, because WP used to be inconsistent because when you pressed search you didn't know if it would search within the app or take you out of the app and open Bing. But I feel it's less of a problem in Windows 8 (or not a problem at all if you ask me) because it doesn't take you out of the app and ruin the flow, it just slides in a small menu from the side.

Maybe it's just because it's a preview, but I don't think the search is as good as it could be yet and in some ways worse than in Windows 8.