SSD and Wifi/Ethernet help?

So I recently built a custom computer and have a couple of questions. First of all, I want a good reliable SSD. I bought a Samsung one but it didn't really work at all so I've decided to return it and everything is fine. I have a 1TB HDD (I'll get more as I'll need it) but I want an SSD from which I can boot Windows and play games occasionally.

I'd like a few suggestions. I don't want it to be too expensive, and it has to be at 128GB (not too much though) but otherwise I don't mind.

My second question is about my internet. I live in the UK and my current provider is BT, who provided me with 200kbps internet and called it broadband. I'm switching to Virgin very soon who have fibre optic, and I'm wondering, my router is in a different room to my PC, so should I spend the time and effort providing an Ethernet cable to it. The router is amazing, I can do almost 4 HD streams to other computers, its just the actual internet that's lacking.

I play online games occasionally (NFS MW and Minecraft) but its not a priority. I mostly download torrents on my PC and when I browse the web its either on my PC or phone. YouTube I watch on my phone, although I have a chanel and upload videos to it relatively often.

Any help would be appreciated!

(English isn't my first language (I'm Ukrainian by blood) so I'm sorry if I made any mistakes).