Diet Coke of Hyperloops: A Mini-me Hyperloop for transporting small parcels?

With all the talk about the pitfalls, dangers and issues surrounding the ambitious Hyperloop project, perhaps a smaller scale less expensive version could be trialed to, ohh I don't know, transport small mail packages, regular mail, small goods etc?

That way, development and understanding with real world stats could be collected such as the issues maintaining a low atmosphere inside numatic tubes. Stress points. Weather and earthquakes and how they could affect the system.

Even if the tube system is developed in a very small area, say a few links between a few courier / postal stations in a metropolitan city, the trial will be useful enough to see at least some real world traffic and the scale would be extensive enough to derive engineering data. The system is also non-essential and would simply supplement a few partial logistical routes.

As far as cost, if these tunnels are, say, only a foot or so wide yet still adhere to the speeds and goals of the larger hyperloop I think that would keep the cost way way down. Is this just complete nonsense or is there some sense in what I'm saying? Cheers.