Kogan Mobile.




Essentially, there are about to be a whole lot of very very pissed off Australians.

Kogan Mobile was a great deal in Australia. An MVNO offering all the voice and txt that you can eat + 6 Gig a month data, on the Telstra 3G network (it's our quality and cost equivalent of Verizon). All for $29 a month. A great deal that alot of people jumped on. Which suddenly a month ago changed to $39 a month. Which now has has turned into DEATH within a month.

Kogan has a contract with a company called ispONE who are the middleman with provider Telstra. ispOne and Telstra have contract fights. Telstra cancels the deal with ispONE. And so Kogan Mobile will die in 30 days.

This seriously sucks. Thousands of customers, including a large number of Verge readers will now be scrounging for new SIMs. Perhaps Boost? Vodafone? Amaysim?

Anyway, lots of F words.