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The City of Dying: The Fallen Kingdom Vol. 1 The Intrusion

The City of Dying: The Fallen Kingdom by A.D. Williams (via XlibrisPub)

A.D. Williams self-published his first title on September 20, 2012, entitled The City of Dying: The Fallen Kingdom Volume 1: The Intrusion. It is a Science Fiction and Fantasy based series set in a fictional world, comparable to the "Star Wars" and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogies.

The City of Dying: The Fallen Kingdom written by A.D. Williams is a science fiction and fantasy novel that tells a gripping tale of an ailing kingdom on the verge of civil war that threatens to end all civilization. A young king lacking the power to protect the kingdom hides in fear for his life while losing control of his kingdom. A mercenary discovers she has an extraordinary power and must help the young king discover his courage to defeat an ever present entity from gaining control and destroying the kingdom.

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