Will 4 GB of RAM get me by for the next 4 years of college?

I move into college this week, but have been waiting for my money to purchase a laptop. In previous post, I found that everyone suggested that spending the extra money to upgrade to 8 GB of RAM is worth the cost. The problem is classes start August 26th, and if I customize the 13" MBA, it likely will arrive around August 27th. My concern is will 4 GB of RAM survive at least 4 years of college? I'm going to be going for a major in business administration, but this will be my freshman year. I don't think I'll be purchasing Adobe Photoshop, but will have Microsoft office. I know I'll be browsing the web, typing word documents, creating power point presentation, and maybe editing some photo/movies; I'll have a basic photography class to complete a credit required, but don't plan on having other photography classes after this one.