Phones: how big are you willing to go?

I'm just curious given the Galaxy Mega announcement on ATT and the rumoured Nokia 6inch WP handset leaked today, how big people are willing to go when it comes to a phone?


Above: iPhone 4 - Galaxy Mega - Nexus 7

I've recently bought a Galaxy Mega and I absolutely love the size. It's a surprise to me that only after using it for such a short time, when I pick up my Nexus 4 and iPhone 4 it makes me immediately want to be using the Mega again.

With the amount of people I saw laugh at the Galaxy Note when it first launched and the likes of the Huawei Ascend Mate & the Xperia Z Ultra and the LG G2 coming from other handset manufacturers, it looks like the trend for large phones is here to stay and that we're hitting the limit of how big a phone can really be. Although the Note 8.0 has an earpiece, that thing is a tablet through an through IMO.


Above: The Mega in my large hands.

So, I ask the question, what is the limit on the size you will go for and why? One handed use seems important to lots of people but for me personally, I don't mind using two hands on any device and find that the larger screen is better for the more smart functions of a smartphone.


The Mega next to my Nexus 4, making it look small.

Be interesting to see where people's limits in sizes lies.