Don't Rely on Webmail

I learned a very important lesson a couple of weeks ago. Do not rely on webmail! I was a Lavabit e-mail user for six years. I primarily used their webmail interface. It was barebones, but it worked. Then two weeks ago, it was gone. Thankfully, about two years ago I only used it as a backup, but for four of the six years I used Lavabit, it was my primary e-mail address. And now all of the e-mail messages I had stored there are gone. It's my fault, I know. I just wanted to share my experience so others do not experience this. Do not rely on webmail, and backup, backup, backup! Now I'm switching from using webmail back to a desktop e-mail client. Sure, Gmail and are big names backed by huge companies, but who knows if they'll suddenly disappear one day, much like Lavabit did.