Large High Quality Touchscreen Monitors for use with Windows 8 Desktop

I'm interested in acquiring 1 or more large (23"+) touchscreen monitors for use with my Windows 8 desktop but I'm having trouble finding very many online in the normal places I'd look for stuff like this and when I do find them they're often from brands that I'm not very familiar with and/or they have few to no reviews. Also I'm finding that the resolution of the touchscreen monitors I do find are often stuck at a low 1920x1080 for a screen as large as 27", which to me seems completely ridiculous.

Is anyone familiar with large higher resolution touchscreen displays and/or have any to recommend? Preferably they'd be "Windows 8 certified" or whatever that's called but that's not entirely necessary. Cost is not an issue so if you know of one that's $3000 that will meet my requirements, please tell me about it!

I would request that you please not respond with something to the effect of "just use a mouse" as that in no way answers my question.

Thanks in advance!