AirDroid, MightyText, or Team Viewer QS for PC Texting?

Hey Army,

I've been looking into finding a solution to access my phone's SMS directly from my work PC, so that I don't always need to pick up my phone when I'm at the office. It looks bad when people walk by and I'm holding my cell.

PLEASE NOTE: My computer is plugged into one network through ethernet cable, but my cell connects to a work wifi network that is separate from the PC's network. SO, I need something that can connect without being on the same network.

I've seen AirDroid, MightyText and TeamViewer QuickSupport (mirrors phone), but I'm undecided as to what I should use for the sake of texting. What's secure? What's easier? What do you recommend?


PS I'm NOT constantly texting at work, I just want an option to respond easily when someone texts me.