New to the tribe

Hey guys, I've been an iOS-only user for years now, but I just decided to finally get a smartphone, as my old siemens dumbphone finally decided to stop working.

After checking out different Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, I decided to get a Lumia 720, because I don't want to spend 500 bucks or more on a phone and the hardware design, as well as the look of windows phone 8 were pretty appealing to me.

I don't really care about the lack of apps for windows phone 8, because I've spent to much money on the Apple AppStore, and I'm also to much into the apps I bought there to switch to a new app-ecosysem, so I'm happy as long as the most important apps are there. And I really don't need Instagram, so that's cool ;)

Is there anything I need to know about windows phone 8, or the Lumia 720? I would be thankful for your tips and advices, so that my start into the world of windows phone 8 will be as seamless as possible!