YouTube is readying a new look for its mobile apps, introducing a card-based interface that allows you to watch one video while continuing to browse for others. An updated version of the Android app reveals a faster, more fluid version of YouTube that displays videos in the rectangular cards that have become a Google design signature. The Android app will be rolling out "soon," YouTube said, although some users were already reporting being able to download the update from Google Play.

The redesigned app is built for browsing. Dragging a video down with one finger while it's playing and it will continue to play in a smaller window in the corner of the screen. While it plays, you can continue to search for videos and add them to your queue. Dragging up on the minimized video will return it to full size. Or you can drag the video to the left or right to stop playing.

An app built for browsing

The update introduces the ability to search for playlists for the first time, and if you're watching videos inside a channel, the next video in the channel will queue up and start playing as soon as the one you're watching finishes. YouTube also tweaked the feature that lets you share videos, introducing a preview screen that lets you select from among multiple YouTube-connected devices.

Also included in the update are a new app icon, more prominent thumbs up / thumbs down icons, and improved landscape-mode interface for tablets. YouTube said the new look would be rolling out to other platforms soon.

Update: YouTube for iOS has been updated with picture-in-picture mode and many of the same design changes, including the new icon and card-style interface.