My Google roadmap/wishlist - end of '13

OK, so with the release of the new YouTube app (which is awesome), I had a think about what I expect Google to do over the next few months. This is no way 'official', just my thoughts. It's also not in order of date or anything. Just what I expect to happen.

  • Integrate Circles and Google Contacts (which is primarily used on Gmail and 'People' on Android) together. Contacts is an automated Circle: if someone isn't on Google+ (like my grandmother), it adds the details to this to this automated Circle, but I can also have the contact inside another circle, like a Family circle or something. Then, you can email a circle, or share something on Drive with a circle, stuff like that.
  • Change the Gmail Android icon to be the same as the web counterpart. Almost every other major Google App (GApp) has changed. YouTube. Drive. Google+. Hangouts. Chrome.
  • Add SMS support to Hangouts, and make it the default messaging app on Nexus and Motorola devices.
  • Change the Google Play icons to be more flat and consistent with the other Google icons.
  • Give Calendar, both the service itself and the Android app, a make over. It's badly in need of it.
  • Google Now on Chrome. It's happening, it exists: we just don't know when it'll actually release. Probably when the new Chrome notification centre is fully stable on OS X, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS (the last two of which are stable already).
  • Key Lime Pie. I expect it to look more like Chrome OS, but I have no idea on how that'll happen.
  • Google Play on Chrome OS. Merging the Play Store with the Chrome Web Store, supporting Google Play Services (like Games and Music) on Chrome OS. Google Play packaged app for Chrome, controlling music, games, books, apps, magazines.
  • This is of a want than what I expect to happen...Google Play Podcasts.
  • Gmail packaged app for Chrome.
  • The beginning of Chromecast turning into a platform.

Some of you won't like those ideas, and admittedly some are wants more than what I expect (like Google Play/Chrome Web Store merging, Google Play podcasts, and a Calendar overhaul), but hey.