Let's Clean Up Our Act

There's been a lot of fanboying and trolling lately so let's clean up our act. The Verge markets itself as a quality news website, and I think it's forums should follow suit.

Fanboys: Try to use reasonable logic and cite sources if you must to argue points, but also try to take on a broader view of things. Agreeing to disagree is always an option. Don't be so one sided or extreme about things just because the trolls are.

Trolls or Naysayers: If you would rather not be labeled a troll, don't get so extreme in your arguments, articulate them well and give the fanboys your reason for your beliefs. Both parties should try to remain calm and post arguments that follow suit. This idea that every argument has to have a clear winner is a troubling epidemic in the U.S. more specifically (thinking politics here).

I think more detailed posts discussing what's going on in the world of Microsoft would be beneficial for all. I'm tired of arguing for the sake of arguing, there should be some point, and it should probably never be black or white, but some shade of gray.

For an example, what's going on between Microsoft and Google right now over YouTube is not hard to understand. Google has every right to be stiffler's on their own rules. Microsoft wants what is best for it and Google's users. The users are the ones getting somewhat belittled and screwed over here in the end. All parties are in the wrong from the users perspective (except maybe Microsoft), while Microsoft is wrong in the perspective of the rules and anyone not on Windows Phone (and even then there are some who still agree with Google even though they miss out because of it).

In closing, blindly following anything is always bad. You should know why you follow the group you do and if it starts to lose site on those reason over time, then don't defend them on it. Constructive criticism from it's fans can always help to some extent, but that's just it, we aren't being constructive.

On the other side of things, if you were right, bragging doesn't make you the better person and it makes things get more heated. Blatant trashing of something with things like "M$ sucks" doesn't give anyone from an outside perspective any insight into the situation. So try to be more helpful with your posts and comments and maybe take some time to write them.

Hope others agree!