Moto X, the first device to have better hardware than the iPhone?

Full Disclosure: I have not physically touched the Moto X, my opinion comes from the photos and videos I have watched on the verge and other tech websites.

Before you start bashing me about comparisons with the iPhone or even the HTC One, hear me out.

Let me start with the HTC One. A beautiful phone with one major flaw; the exaggerated bezel on the top and bottom of the device. I know their are plenty of people who will argue the stereo sound is great, but I'm a headphone guy and rarely ever use the speakers. Given the choice, I would always choose a smaller bezel over any type of overstated speakers.

Moving onto the iPhone 5, which also happens to be my current device. The hardware, at least initially, is absolutely stunning. I don't think anyone can argue with that (even though you will). The biggest issue with the iPhone's hardware is actually it's software. The cutting edge design is crippled by it's outdated software. Looking at those rows upon rows of icons is almost like looking back in time. The software issues may be solved with iOS7, but hey, the stagnant icons are still there so the jury is still out.

My next issue with the iPhone is actually an issues with the HTC One as well - the "chamfered" aluminum. While it does exude luxury and beauty yada yada, it is by no means timeless. After a mere 6 months, my iPhone 5 is covered with dents and scratches. This has lead to using a case which takes away all aesthetic leaving only recycled rows of icons for solace.

The Moto X...

Let me start by saying there is something to be said about strong color offerings. They stand out, they let you express your personality (too deep, ill stop there). This is actually one of the reasons I purchased the lumia 920. The cyan color stood out in a world of black and white tech. If it wasn't for Microsoft, I would have probably owned the lumia for more than two weeks(long story...).

In addition to the customizations, the Moto X also manages to pack a large screen in a small package. Samsung is actually pretty good at this, their just shameless about using cheap plastic. The Moto X has little to no bezel on the sides and just enough for the camera and grip on the top and bottom.

Last but not least, the device isn't made from aluminum. The Moto X reportedly comes with a kevlar backing which - from previous droid models - isn't perfect, but will certainly hold up better than the chamfered metal on the iPhone and HTC One. An added bonus is the fact that the parts can be replaced if they do get damaged.

Despite my initial enthusiasm for the moto x, it could be the classic good from afar, but far from good we so often see with smartphones. I will need to get my hands on it before I can make an accurate assessment. My biggest concern is actually the screen. Having an iPhone 5 and retina MBP, my eyes are accustomed to crisp and vibrant displays. First world problems...