Open letter to Motorola

Dear Motorola,

I live in America. You nailed the design: It looks gorgeous, is the right size, you actually put some thought into this and added really useful features that improve the experience like always listening and active display (not the shaking your wrist like a mental patient thing, you should just put a shutter button in there), the camera is the first to use clear pixels that should increase low light performance.

I don't even mind that your phone lacks a 1080p screen, I think that's mostly irrelevant, it does add crispness, but nothing that changes the experience, outdoor visibility is more important and so is battery life to me and I believe most consumers. Moreover, you couldn't achieve the battery you claim with a 1080p SLCD screen, and you couldn't possibly do notifications like you are if it was an LCD screen.

The only thing I mind, the only that bothers me is one of these two: You selected too much of an old processor, it's basically a one year old processor, a dual core version of a one year processor by the way. But I don't even mind that so much, the GPU is actually quite good, and that matters more to me, it matters more to the tasks that Android still fails at. What I mind is you pricing it as if it had a high-end processor, even marketing it with your, in lack of a better world, X8 bullshit.

It was either the S4 Pro, priced as mid-range, or a high-end processor priced as such. Pricing it like high-end when is clearly not is trying to rip me off.

I know I'm exaggerating, I understand the customization part costs money, and I love that "fashion" side of the Moto X, but still, you already compromised on the screen, the single most expensive individual component, why did you need to compromise on the processor side too?

Sincerely, Luis.