Times have changed & Change is good.

So obviously people are freaking out about the Moto X launch and a lot of people feel let down, angry, confused and more. But I think Moto X marks the dawn of a new era, but not the end of another.

High end smartphones like the HTC One and Galaxy S4 aren't going anywhere, nor should they be. Along with those beasts the Nexus line will always have a piece of our hearts and the Google Play Edition is an extension of that love we all have.

But think about Apple right now. What would you say Apple's biggest downfall is? I bet 90% of you, at least, would say they only have a high end phone correct? Yes I suppose if you look at pricing that is true, but the One's and S4's of the world out-spec it in nearly every category. Apple pushes features and user experience, something that benefits them with in their massive marketing strategy's. Samsung learned from this and look how successful they were. At Samsung's launch event, how much time was spent talking specs...10 minutes? Maybe?

What I'm trying to get at is yes, right now the pricing structure for the Moto X is steep but I honestly don't see that holding up. I do think we will be pleasantly surprised when the official off-contract price is announced and the Google Play Edition is officially revealed. I truly do not think they will keep the Moto X in the One and S4 pricing bracket.

Motorola, in part with Google, is bringing a huge appeal to everyday users and you better believe this is where Google's influence came into play the most. They want to take back Android, show the average consumer what it is all about. None of the Touchwon't and NonSense bullshit any more. There is room in the Android world for the Moto X and I welcome it with open arms.

Let's put down the pitchforks...for now, and give this device a chance. Having one player in the game (Samsung) is bad for all of us and Motorola seriously needs to distance itself from Verizon and DROID.

The categories I think Android phones will fall into going forward:

  • Developer: Nexus & GP Editions of phones. These will be priced high and recieve updates as fast as possible.
  • High-End/Spec Junky: These are phones for the people who want the best of everything, at the sacrifice of battery life in most cases. Again, priced high...still have to go through carriers
  • Mid-Range/Affordability/Average: This is where I think phones like the Moto X will fall. These phones will focus on features and battery life. While they may be priced at first (I truly believe this will change) I think in a year we will see several devices in this range at affordable on/off contract prices that will allow people to separate themselves from carriers more and more.
So what do you think? Agree? Disagree?