AT&T's Lacking Android Lineup, as of 2013-08-01

The MotoX is pretty much the exact same phone-specs as my Sony TL, so I was curious to see if AT&T still sold it: nope.

Instead, I found a rather weak showing: 8 Samsungs, 3 HTC's, 6 Pantechs, 2 LG's & 1 NEC. Not only that, but the HTC One is 60% down the page, couched between the S4 refurb & the Note. Granted, earlier it had prime position up top. Given this lineup, there's almost no reason I'd buy an on-contract phone right now (perhaps the $50 LG, but not that I need to).

So will the MotoX survive? In terms of manufacturer diversity, yes. In terms of specs, absolutely. In terms of price? It really needs to be $150.

Are you buying an AT&T phone? Distraught at the selection, or a happy highest-spec shopper?

Samsung Galaxy Note II 299.99
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active 199.99
Samsung Galaxy S4 199.99
HTC One 199.99
Samsung Galaxy S4 - 16GB (Certified Like-New) 149.99
Samsung Galaxy Note II (Certified Like-New) 149.99
NEC Terrain 99.99
Samsung Galaxy S III 99.99
LG Optimus G Pro 99.99
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro 99.99
LG Optimus G 49.99
HTC One VX 49.99
Pantech Discover 49.99
Samsung Galaxy S III (Certified Like-New) 29.99
HTC First 0.99
Pantech Flex 0.99
Pantech Burst 0.01
Pantech Flex (Certified Like-New) Free
Pantech Burst (Certified Like-New) Free
Pantech Pocket Free