The Moto X is the best Android phone and will be a great success.

My first ever forum post,(please excuse my mistakes, English is my second language).

I am extremely disappointed in the android online community. What were you expecting from the moto x? $200 off contract ? Really, then now you understand why android users get called cheap people. Please can someone tell me what is more important on a phone for the average user? I know many here will say 1080p screen, 8 cores etc, all nonsense. What matters is the user experience and the battery life not some useless stupid specs.If you don't believe that well let me introduce you to the best selling phone the "mid range" iphone. I know a phone with all those high specs that still has a horrible using experience and one with a "mid range" spec that runs well.

Can some one really tell me what they will pick if they had a 1080p phone 4 hours battery life and 720P phone with 15 hours life. Do people really just need this things for bragging rights or what, your eyes will not even be able to tell the difference.

I use to hear things like, we need an average size phone, we need good battery life, we need less manufacturer skins on phones, We need a phone that does not lag like the nexus. Well you have the moto x. now. stop wining like spoiled kids that did not get what they wanted for Christmas.

The strange thing is that while most comments are negative I was surprised to see mostly positive comments on an apple related blog.

Well I get it, this phone is not for spec hoes(even though it beats the S4 on some benchmarks) or the cheap steaks but this is the phone for the common american. A 4.7 inch screen on a phone about the size of the iphone 5, so it can fit in most hands, and the design shape...+++ to Motorola. with a powerfully smart design SOC, good battery life, and a "smart" phone. Don't know what you guys were expecting but this phone will change android. And usually I can predict the sales of a phone from the torn of comments from tech blogs becuase they don't understand the average user. When an iphone comes out most are bad comments but it sells well, when the s4 came out bad comments and it sells, when the htc one came out good comments, but it was so-so, when any lumia is announced, always positive, reading a lumia 1020 post you will think it is a blockbuster well they don't sell much. So I get it, this phone will do more than fine.