Chrome for android baffles me to no end.

How does a company make the absolute best browser on android and also make the absolute worst one(of all the major ones anyways)? You may or may not like the look of the AOSP browser but under the hood its nearly flawless.

Why couldnt google simply reskin the AOSP browser and call it chrome? Why on earth did they have to make an all "new" browser when they already had such a capable one? And how does this company which makes the OS and its best browser fail so hard with handling one of its biggest brands?

And then starting from the nexus 7 they even made chrome the stock browser and ever since that chrome has ruined the browsing reputation of android and continues to. People judge a whole phone/OS by its stock browser and I cant blame them. Unfortunately little do these people know there are many browsers on android which are completely smooth as per the device's capability.

Chrome might be pretty good now as I havent used it in a while but the damage has already been done and I just cant believe the sheer idiocy of google in all of this. I honestly think there should be more criticism for google in the tech media regarding the chrome browser for android, the way they have handled the situation is just appalling.