Tablet dilemma - resolved

I am in the market for a new tablet. I have recently returned my Nexus 10 for a refund - I was blown away by the N10, it's a gorgeous bit of kit and was perfect save for one issue which multiple RMA's did not resolve. I could probably have just lived with it but since we're so close to the new crop I decided to return for full refund after a full 6 months with the device.

So now I'm left considering my options and I'm pretty much set in either the new Nexus 10 or an iPad. I don't want the nexus 7 - as awesome as it looks I don't think I could get on with a screen that small. I think the smallest I would go is an iPad mini, it's a good form factor but I don't think I can drop the PPI (it's only marginally better resolution wise as my old TF101). The iPad is good, but not sure I can justify the extra cost for the value returned.

So - I've made my mind up. Assuming all price points are roughly the same - if the iPad mini is above 250 PPI and has a better processor I'm probably on board, otherwise it's the N10 (2013) (assuming there is one) for me.

Comments? Questions? Abuse? Fanboy railing?