UPDATED: God Damn Lag Machine

I'm so pissed off with Samsung. I've had a GS3 about 6 months now running Jellybean. The lag was bad already, but because the phone was solid, did EVERYTHING I wanted to do and the Google services (Google Music FTW) were great I put up with it. Now Samsung pushed an update about a month ago which totally fucked my phone. If I touch the address bar in chrome, the keyboard will take 2 seconds to come up, then I can start typing and literally be 4 words ahead of the words showing up on the screen.

Switching apps takes forever. I'm constantly double tapping things because I'm not sure they opened and that causes me to go places I didn't plan on (it registers the second tap after the app opens and then all of a sudden I'm in my photo gallery for some reason).

It's a god damn epidemic as far as I'm concerned. This is a work phone, so they gave it to me and they pay for it, so rooting to stock Android is not an option.

Anyway, Rant Off.

UPDATE: Looks like I fixed my issue. I downloaded an app called "Auto Memory Manager" (free app). Anyway I allocated more memory for foreground apps and less for background apps and now everything seems to be back to normal. Still some minor lag sometimes, but it's a small price to pay for being able to do everything.

If anyone has a GS3 and wants to give the app a try my settings are:

Forgound 80MB

Visable 40MB

Secondary Server 45MB

Hidden Application 55MB

Content Provider 65MB

Empty Application 20MB