The Problem with Design today and why iOS 7 is awesome.

It's been 6 years since the launch of the first iPhone, give or take a couple of days. Back then, everyone was aping the heavily ornamented, gradient-y and glossy look of, what we then still called, iPhone OS. Now all of those same hacks are busy chasing and aping trends like "flat" or "long shadows" and are busy posting their re-designs (that of course, will never be made) on dribbble while patting each other on the back.


You know why iOS 7 is so fucking amazing? Because someone sat down and thought long and hard about things. You might not like every decisions they've landed on, but then again no one knows the pressure, the briefing, the deadlines, the constraints. And come October, at the push of a button, tens of millions of people will have to use it.

And while they were at it, they went and ignored every stupid fad that is out there today. They used blur, transparencies, shadows and elements of flat, never afraid to veer in a direction that will make the OS more usable instead of satisfying some douchey designer's trend-craving for "flat design", which is a term that makes me gag anyway, as design should never focus on the way it looks.

I'm not saying there's no room to criticise iOS 7. There's plenty of things that were and still, after 4 betas, are questionable, unusual or just plain broken. However, should we agree to go on this exciting pre-launch journey with Apple, it is not our job to fix these issues. We can merely voice our opinions on them and hope we're heard.


So every time you are about to sit down in front of your computer and are about to launch Photoshop to "re-design" something, because you think you're better than the god-knows how many people working at Apple, go read Mike Monteiro's Design Is A Job, so you know your place: It's still at the kid's table.