The Reason Moto X Disappoints (It's Not Specs)

Taylor Wimberly summed it up best in his Google+ post:

The Reason Motorola Disappointed The Internets With The Moto X Launch: Exclusives and Distribution

The new Moto X smartphone was finally revealed yesterday and the product met our expectations (maybe even exceeded them), but the majority of hardcore Android and Google fans were pretty turned off by the launch plan.

And he later says:

Now that Google owns Motorola, and carriers like T-Mobile have ended subsidies and welcome bring your own device, we all expected that Google would use Moto take this movement to new heights and free all consumers from their carrier-contract prisons.

Anyone that has purchased the Nexus 4, or another unlocked smartphone knows what I'm talking about. It's sort of like taking the red pill in The Matrix. Once you break away from a carrier contract and experience the joys of device and plan freedom, it's nearly impossible to ever go back to the OLD WAY.

To sum it up, a commentor named Kyle from Droid-Life put it best when he said, "We thought Motorola's balls dropped, but instead it just dropped the ball."

Also, Taylor Wimberly's leaks are the only reason I started paying attention to Google+ again. Was this the plan all along?